A Software Engineer
Tamir Azrab

Tamir Azrab
🚀 Delivering exceptional digital experiences with a user-centric approach, harnessing the power of cutting-edge 🤖 technology, and 🏎️ agile development methodologies to deliver solutions that engage and inspire 🤩your users, empowering businesses 🏢to thrive in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem 🌎.

Ambitions 🎯

As a passionate backend engineer with one year of experience, I am driven to collaborate with talented individuals and teams to tackle challenging problems and explore new technologies 🚀. I thrive in environments that foster continuous learning and growth 📚, I am always eager to take on new roles and responsibilities that allow me to develop my skills 🔧 and contribute to building exceptional products 💡. Having successfully transitioned from frontend to backend and devops, I have gained valuable experience learning new technologies 🤓. My ultimate ambition is to build and improve innovative products with efficient and effective solutions, always striving for excellence in everything I do ✨.

Technology 🧰

This is a non exhaustive list of tools and technologies I use to make products come to life.

Companies I've built things for.