The 2024 online resume of Tamir Azrab

👨‍💻 A Software Engineer whose passion lies in creating quality code written for humans, unlocking developer productivity, and creating a delightful user experience.


Backend Engineer
March 2022 - Present

Hopping in devised plan to improve from 8% to 78% by adding static generator scully, add blogging system to make it easy for marketing team to add articles. Then came Tuzmo that shifted towards us out of disappoint from other developoment team it had previously worked on.

  • Shifting to backend I devised plan to revamp current codebase because it was very poorly written and not extendable at all, not including performance and security lacks it had.
  • Shift to typescript, add better folder architecture and necessary linting tools eslint.
  • Improved security by rewritting authentication strategy, better password hashing, add api-key for clients to consume our API.
  • Shifted our frontend and admin panels to AWS Amplify from EC2 instances.
  • Migrated MongoDB database hosted locally on EC2 instance to Mongo Atlas service to reduce need for manual backups and downtime.
  • Refactored whole application to reduce any un-necessary external service dependencies, upgrade to latest packages, adding performance tweaks.
  • Upon load testing improved from 11k request being timed out in older version to only 92 on single thread, and 5 request on cluster mode in revamped version.

Technology Stack

Here are some tools that I've worked and is proficient with:

Frontend Stack

Backend Stack



Arid Agriculture University

Computer Science


After not getting into Software Engineering, I decided to move with Computer Science where I learnt many interesting things starting from Algorithms Analysis, Assembly x86 down to Computer Architecture which was my favourite.

Here are some worth mentioning things I did during my stay there:

  • Gave lectures on some advance topics which student found confusing [virtual class, polymorphism] during OOP class.
  • Took physical demonstration of student semester project for OOP, suggested improvements in it.
  • Designed Automated Analysis of Programming Assignments as my FYP that enabled teacher to create assignments and student would submit and it'd auto-check and grade student based on test cases provided by teacher.