Supercharge Your Coding Efficiency and Productivity with Autohotkey

October 22, 2022
Supercharge Your Coding Efficiency and Productivity with Autohotkey

Most people I've seen are so adjusted with their bad habits that they don't care about improving the flow. When you are developing some feature there's already much load and brain tracking everything and revising next steps to take, during the processing if something like opening up browser every time you shift from your IDE produces unnoticeable hurdles in processing - that can be seen through frustration that comes after results are not what expected.

Here I like to share some pretty good AHK scripts that I've come across recently and they put heavily ease into my flow during development.

Before we start if you don't have or never heard of AHK before, that's fine you can get it from here. After installation if you want to run script you can create a file with .ahk extension and paste the code you can find below. Double clicking the file will run the script in background. However if you want to make it start automatically everytime windows start see that at the end of article.

⁠Screen edges as windows switcher

This one useful for dev's out there with small screen, finally they don't have to send their mouse to taskbar everytime or do alt+tab that's pretty hectic too, you just have to touch the left edge of screen through pointer and it will switch the window. Keeping the pointer will make it traverse through opened windows.


Googling fast

As a developer this is the second most thing which is performed after writing code, and opening new tab just to do google search seems slow, what if just selecting the text and it googles that? Maybe you want to search the error, you don't have to copy from terminal then paste to tab you can just highlight the text and press a key combo of alt+g and it automatically opens up new tab with the text you highlighted.


Runing scripts at startup

You don't want to run scripts everytime you start windows. To do so, hit win+r type shell:startup hit enter, it will take you to location where programs launch automatically at startup, now create shortcut of scripts you want to run at startup and place them inside this folder. That's it you are done.

These are the scripts which I found very helpful specially targeting developers, I might update this post overtime if I come across new scripts, or maybe develop my own.


I found these scripts at gourav this post, there are many more scripts that I didn't included here, you might find them useful.